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Helix DNA

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Helix DNA™ is a universal digital media platform, created to accelerate the development and deployment of rich media applications on any device, over any network, on any operating system, created in any development environment. To date, over 430 million Helix DNA enabled devices have been deployed by manufacturers of smartphones, feature phones, portable media players, televisions, and Internet radios. The Helix DNA code is available in binary and source code form and is licensable under various open-source and commercial-source licenses.

The Building Blocks for Digital Media

Helix DNA provides a common set of media capabilities across different sets of devices. Device media applications such as music players, ring tone players, ring back tone players, and video players can take advantage of Helix DNA to provide better performance, better user experience, and easier data sharing and communication between applications. Manufacturer’s only need to integrate their media applications with the Helix DNA once, thereby saving the time and expense of integrating their applications with device specific hardware and operating system implementations. As a result, manufacturer’s can focus more on developing innovative applications and bringing products to the market faster, and less on integration and testing for each new device. 

Cross-Platform, Multi-Format, and Carrier-Grade

Helix DNA is the leading carrier-grade, cross-platform, multi-format client middleware solution designed to enable world class media applications and services. It provides a consistent set of media capabilities to a variety of devices and operating systems, including Windows Mobile, Linux, Symbian, and Android. Helix DNA is used by over 100 broadband and mobile operators around the world, and is the underlying media engine for millions of mobile devices shipped by manufacturers such as Nokia, Motorola, LG, HTC, Sony Ericsson and Samsung. 

Helix DNA provides a dynamic and versatile architecture that enables numerous multimedia use-cases. It contains a complete stack of components that allow for playback of several formats and codecs from local storage, or though industry-standard network streaming protocols such as RTSP/RTP/RDT/HTTP. In addition, it allows for a rich user-experience by providing media management functionality components including a Media Library Manager, Metadata/Thumbnail Engine, and Download Manager.

Helix DNA can also be used for advanced multimedia use-cases such as capture/encoding of audio & video and conversion of media files from one format to another. A large portion of this functionality is completely cross-platform (OS/Architecture independent) while the platform specific functionality is abstracted into documented C++ classes in order to make porting to specific platforms easier.