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Helix DNA Technology Licenses

The Helix Community caters to many constituencies, each of which has different goals in addition to a shared objective of extending the Helix platform. To allow individuals, developers and their respective organizations the maximum flexibility, we have multiple licenses, each tailored to a different constituency and their needs.

The Helix DNA and Real codec source code is currently available for R&D purposes under either OSI approved open source licenses or commercial licenses.  These licenses have differing obligations that range from code sharing obligations to commercial royalty payments.

In order to assist you in selecting the appropriate license for your needs you may visit the commercial implementations or the open source implementations pages for additional information.

Helix DNA Licensing Term Overview

Under the terms of the GPL, RPSL or the RCSL, you may license the Helix DNA for either Research & Development Use and/or Commercial Use. Details for each of the four Helix DNA components are available:

Please send licenses and agreements to:

Attn: Helix Community Manager
Room 2201, 22nd Floor, Tower B, Ping An International Financial Center,
No.3 Xinyuan South Road, Chaoyang District
Beijing 100027, China

You may also fax in your signed attachments to:  86-10-85656477

Questions? Please send a message to licensing@helixcommunity.org.