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Getting help with the Helix Community website

If you are having problems with the Helix Community or the Helix DNA™ technology, there are a number of support channels avilable to you.

  • HelixCommunity Administration - This is the address for the Helix Community system administrators. Please reserve use of this alias for issues dealing with permissions and account management, and to report site outages and other critical malfunctions.
  • RealNetworks' Paid Helix Development Support Options - RealNetworks provides private developer-to-developer assistance to all Helix developers or Real OEM's who have licensed the Helix technology and who have purchased either a Software Development Support or Software Development Incident Support package. The Helix Development Support Group will answer questions about the Helix source code, Helix SDKs, or other licensed code and/or SDKs from Real as well as the code you are writing which utilizes the above-mentioned Helix code, with guaranteed response time.

If you find issues with the site, please file a bug and/or a support request in the "community" category on the bug tracker. If you are having a problem with the bug tracker itself, send mail to admin@helixcommunity.org.