Helix Community Operations Team


Helix Community Operations Team

This is the team project page for the Helix Community Operations team. We support the overall operation of the helixcommunity.org infrastructure, and manage weekly telecons and shepherd many of the email conversations on the site. We also help facilitate policy decisions such as code checkin policies, project creation policies and so on.

Getting help with the Helix Community website

If you are having problems with the Helix Community website, there are a number of support channels. You can find out more on the Helix Community Help Page. If you find issues with the site, please file a bug and/or a support request in the "community" category on the bug tracker. If you are having a problem with the bug tracker itself, send mail to admin@helixcommunity.org.

Participating in the Community

There are many ways in which you can become involved in the Helix community. Even if you are not a programmer, there are ways that you can benefit from Helix and ways to help make Helix more useful to yourself and others. If you'd like to know more about how to participate in the Helix Community, check out the Helix Community Participation page.


To understand what the community is doing and where it is heading, check out the community-wide set of roadmaps as well as the roadmap for the community operations team.

Currently the Helix Operations team is planning a redesign of the Helix Community site in order to make it more stable, robust and user-friendly. We're putting together FR priorities a comprehensive list of feature requests and proposed improvements to the HC.org site. This list should give a fair idea about milestones for this project -- and features that go into each of these milestones.

Helix Community Policies

In order to keep chaos from erupting (perhaps we're too late), the Helix Ops team helps set policies for the community as a whole. For more information about Helix Community policies, please see the Helix Community Policies page.

About The Team

Learn more about the Helix Community Operations Team.