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Commercial R&D Licenses

Commercial R&D Licenses

The Helix DNA source is most commonly used commercially under the RCSL. The RCSL is a commercial source and distribution license available for companies to implement Helix and/or RealAudio/RealVideo without the restrictions or obligations of open source.

The GPL and RPSL may also be used for commercial implementations however Licensee must adhere to the respective License's open source requirements.

1) Helix DNA R&D - RealNetworks Community Source License (RCSL - R&D)

Many organizations want to use Helix for commercial products, such as putting a media player on a mobile phone or set top box. If you require a non-open source commercial license, Helix DNA is available under the RCSL.  The Research & Development use license is available at no charge.  Modifications to the Helix DNA itself are required to be granted back to the Helix Community, but applications built on top of the Helix DNA are not.

Please register on the site then by downloading the Helix DNA source code. You simply abide by either the community source RCSL R&D license OR open source GPL OR RPSL.

2) RealAudio/RealVideo R&D - Real Format Source Code Porting and Optimization License - Decoder

If you need to access to any of the items listed below for porting, optimizing or R&D, please execute the free Real Format Source Code Porting and Optimization license found here and return it per the instructions found here.

  • RealMedia File Format reader
  • Real Data Transport network stack implementation
  • RealNetworks Client-Server Challenge implementation
  • RealNetworks version 5 Authentication implementation
  • RealAudio Renderer Plug-in implementation
  • RealVideo Renderer Plug-in implementation
  • Decode versions of the following codecs:
    • RealAudio Gecko 2
    • RealAudio 8 Low Bitrate music
    • RealVideo G2-7, H.263, MPEG-4 Combo
    • RealVideo 8
    • RealVideo 8/9/10 codec
    • H.264
  • Helix DRM API, Sample Source Code and Signature Checking API's
  • Helix Windows Media Technology (Microsoft WM Interim Product Agreement required)
  • Helix Windows Media DRM Technology (Microsoft WMDRM Interim Product Agreement required)