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Helix is a powerful, but sometimes complicated platform for multimedia development. Fortunately, if you are building software using Helix, you have many options available to you to get support on the platform:

Free Helix Community Support

The Helix Community is a collaborative effort among Real, independent developers, and leading companies to extend the Helix DNA platform. Because the Helix Community is the primary location for all Helix development, the community is a great place for public developer-to-developer collaboration, where you can discuss the Helix SDKs, source code, and other technology. Information about where to ask for help is available on the Helix Community Support page.

Paid Helix Development Support

The Helix Development Support Group provides one-to-one engineering assistance to all Helix developers or companies who have licensed the Helix DNA technology and who have purchased Development Support services. Engineering assistance means that the Helix Development Support Group will answer questions about the Helix DNA source code, Helix Software Development Kits (SDKs), and/or other code that is currently available for licensing from the Helix Community.  For more information on this program, visit the Helix Development Support from RealNetworks homepage.


Options here include RealNetwork's Professional Services or third-party developers. RealNetworks is working with opensourcexperts.com to provide a directory of third-party developers who are capable of working with the Helix platform, and are available on a contract basis. For a complete list of providers, visit the Helix Solution Providers index on opensourcexperts.com. Additional details on the program, including the Helix Recognized Development Provider program, are on the Third Party Development page.