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About the Helix Community Operations Team

Helix Community Operations Team

The member list is:

  • Thierry Raymaekers - AVP RealPlayer China
  • Frank Lan - Sr Director Engineering of IP Customization
  • Fang Su - QA Manager, Customization
  • Collin Chen - Helix Community Developer
  • Andy Bao - Helix Community Administrator

The best way to reach this team is via one of the following aliases:

  • admin@helixcommunity.org - This alias is the best way to contact us about site administration issues.  Most of the people above are on this alias (including all of the system administrators and site software developers)
  • feedback@helixcommunity.org - This alias is the best way to reach operations management.  All of the managers above are on this alias.
  • open-discuss mailing list@helixcommunity.org - this mailing list is the best public mailing list to discuss issues with the Helix Community Operations Team.