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About Helix Community

The Helix Community is an open collaborative effort among multimedia enthusiasts to develop and extend the Helix DNA™ platform.   The community offers a collaborative, consensus based development process, with an extensive and diverse ecosystem of developers all involved in creating world class multimedia enabled applications.  The Helix Community was created in July of 2002 by Real to help the industry standardize on an open digital media platform.

Helix DNA™ is the leading open multi-format digital media platform, created to accelerate the development and deployment of digital media applications of any media, on any device, over any network, on any operating system and created in any development environment.   It not only consists of source code for the playback of digital media but also for the creation and delivery of it.  The Helix DNA™ code is available in binary and source code form and is licensable under various open-source and commercial-source licenses.

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Helix Community Operations Team

The Helix Community Operations team supports the overall operation of the helixcommunity.org system software, hardware and day to day operations.   We also help facilitate policy decisions such as code checkin policies, project creation policies and so on.  Learn more about the Helix Community Operations Team.  Our team is also responsible for the overall feature development of the community.  If you have any feature request or ideas on ways to improve the community please open a support request in the "community" category on the bug tracker and select "Feature Request" from the "Target Milestone" drop down menu.  

Getting help with the Helix Community website

If you are having problems with the Helix Community website, there are a number of support channels. You can find out more on the Helix Community Help Page. If you find issues with the site, please file a bug and/or a support request in the "community" category on the bug tracker. If you are having a problem with the bug tracker itself, send mail to admin@helixcommunity.org

Participating in the Community

There are many ways in which you can become involved in the Helix community. Even if you are not a programmer, there are ways that you can benefit from Helix and ways to help make Helix more useful to yourself and others. If you'd like to know more about how to participate in the Helix Community, check out the Helix Community Participation page.

Helix Community Policies

In order to ensure we have standard operating procedures that are clear, logical and easy to understand and  the Helix Operations Team has helped to create a set of policies for the community as a whole. For more information about Helix Community policies, please see the Helix Community Policies page.

About RealNetworks

RealNetworks, Inc. is the leading creator of streaming media services and software.  Educational, government and corporate organizations along with broadcasters, network operators and medias companies use RealNetworks products and services to create and deliver streaming media to PCs, mobile phones, and consumer electronics devices.  RealNetworks business systems and corporate information is located at www.realnetworks.com