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RealMedia™ HD

RealMedia™ HD, the successor to RealNetworks' RMVB video codec, delivers exceptional image quality for a high-definition experience on mobile devices.

RealProducer™ HD

RealProducer HD can help users to generate RealMedia™ HD videos quickly and conveniently.

RealPlayer® HD

With the new RealPlayer HD® everybody can playback with ease existing RMVB® videos and browse new RMHD™ videos in exceptional HD quality.

RealMedia™ HD SDK

The RealMedia HD SDK, powered by RealMediaTM HD, is a media player SDK to bring HD video playback experience to consumer through easy integration with other media players.


Whether used for download or streaming,RealNetworks' RealAudio and RealVideo codecs delivers unparalleled quality from Narrowband to HDTV.

Community News

RealNetworks has suspended the service of providing free source code downloading from Helix Community to end users.

For license of comparable products of Helix Media Delivery Platform, please refer to http://www.realnetworks.com/products-services/helix.
For more information about RealMedia HD product suite, please visit http://www.realnetworks.com/realmediaHD.
For sales and partnership in RealMedia HD, please contact a sales representative at RMHD@realnetworks.com.

The Helix Community Upgraded with new look

The Helix Community has been upgraded to FusionForge6.0 with new look and contents revise.

Helix Community closed projects related to Helix Server/Producer

Realnetworks has discontinued licensing the Helix Media Delivery Platform suite of products

Quick Downloads

Real Producer™ HD

Windows Basic 66.3MB